Kickstarter promotes Hybycozo: a project entitled The Heart of Gold and inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s revolutionary polyhedron drawings. Hybycozo is the first project to draw complex shapes in perspective, to see both inside and outside angles. It is a place where both inside and outside are questioned, leaving you with nothing but the loss of barriers in between, finally discovering the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

We are pushing ourselves to create an incredible geometric wonderland that you’ll be able to interact with, dream up new immersive environments, play with the magical phenomena of light, invent inspired objects and smaller works of art for the community“.

“The Universe– represented the Starship Bistromath is a holographic sequence of infinity mirrors shifting in color from a golden mirror to almost translucent and expressing the magical phenomena of light. It creates a bursting bubble of color and light and asks you to find your childlike wonder, the place inside you where there are no judgements, only love.

And in the center of Everything – the Heart of Gold and it’s Infinite Improbability Drive will be like a cathedral to the future, standing 20ft tal, juxtaposing rigid geometry with translucent mesh, it will feel like you are flying through the desert on a majestic architectural spaceship….powered by the infinite improbability of kindness…We want to create a place that shows you that another world is possible, that we all make it spin together”.