Lightest is a levitating lamp without cables, which floats by using magnets in the base.  The lamp levitates over the base and can be stationary or if you give it a little spin will keep spinning for hours, due to the lack of friction.


LIGHTEST is handmade with love and attention.  The base is made from recycled wood using premium parts in the circuitry to ensure maximum efficiency and durability.

Look at the video:

The lamp is powered through induction, whereby a small electric current is generated in the light by passing a current through the base. LIGHTEST is elegantly simple and affordable.

Max Brightness: 120 Lumens

Lifetime: 50 000 Hours

Power Adapter: 12 Volts US / EU / UK Plug / Global Voltage Compatible 100 – 240V   Dimensions: 150mm x 150mm x 45mm / (5.9 x 5.9 x 1.8 inches)

Weight: 600 grams / 1.30 Pounds

Includes Low voltage power adapter and battery

Handmade in Barcelona by Base Forge, the levitating lamp comprises recycled wood base and quality parts for maximum performance and durability. Its lampshade can be detached, allowing people to create customized 3D printed lampshades out of any material.

Currently, the Lightest is seeking funds on Kickstarter where you can find also a base and magnets for levitating small things.